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October Navy@Air Force Viewing Party
Golf Squad's September Event at River Ridge
Annual Family Picnic at Durham Bulls BallPark

100+ graduates, family and friends gathered on a pleasant August evening for a bbq buffet, high-scoring game and the traditional exciting fireworks display after the game. Grads in attendance included: Warren Schultz 71, Phil Dana 98, Doug Guthe 76, JJ Cuff , Tommy Martinez , Tom Clemons 83, Bill Sena 95, Ken Smith 66, Steve Wade, Perry Taylor 71, Alex Dworjan 10, Reece Morgan 89, Mike Kapsch 76, Mike Flentje 76, Gray Tompson 09, Matt Baker 06, Bill Danjczek 98, Shaun McAndrew 93, Girard Lew 60, Gejuan Batson 98, James Walter 87, Andrew Faulkner 10, George Lipscomb 87, Chris Perrien 74, Steve Gillespie 87, Kevin Hamilton 94, Phil Skopek 81, Bill Coleman 95, Dave Ruden 87 and Grant Smith 06.

Golf Squad at Lochmere Golf Club

On July 20th, the weather was mostly sunny and quite warm with a light drizzle at the very end that got us a little wet on the 18th hole.  Bill Laughlin was our gracious host.  He also provided golf balls as prizes for longest drive and closest to the pin on both the front and back nines. There were 12 participants: Marty Carpenter 70, Davde Ruff 82, Tom Clemons 83, Conrad Chen 15, Captain Andy Hertel USN, Dave Milidonis USMA, Dan Williams USAFA, Warren Schultz 71, Bill Laughlin 81, Steve Gillespie 87 and John Walls 86. 

Golf Squad at River Ridge Golf Course

Fine Navy day and the RRGC was in excellent condition with 6 grads in action:

They are (l- r) Tom Clemons (’83), Warren Schultz (’71), Dave Ruff (‘82), Dan Marusa (‘74), Steve Gillespie (‘87), and (in front) John Walls (‘86).

Next up:  Lochmere Country Club on July 20.  

Ensign Worth Bagley 1896 Leadership Award, NC State University

Ensign Dylan Fore USN received this annual award for outstanding achievement as a member of the North Carolina State University's NROTC unit. Presenting the award was Emory Miller of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, Triangle Chapter. 

Welcome Class of 2026 Luncheon Banquet, NC School of Science & Mathematics

On Saturday 4 June, our Chapter partnered with the USNA North Carolina Parents Club to welcome 36  prospective members of the Class of 2026 and their families.  Captain Doug Guthe 76 USN (RET) and Commander Mike Kapsch 76 USN (RET) represented the Link in the Chain tradition of connecting classes 50 years apart. Captain Steve Gillespie 87 USN (RET), Chapter President, and Captain Shawn McAndrew 93 USN (RET), Keynote Speaker, shared shared their views of the challenges, fun and skills that life at the Academy and service in the Navy can offer.  Other grads in attendance included: Matt Minor 07 & family; Mik Visgauss 08 & family; Morgan 12 and Tyler 11 & family; Brad Osmund 08; Bonnie Podiak 89; Chris Perrien 74. 

NC Military Hall of Firsts Honors Captain Ted Triebel 64 USN (RET)

Saturday June 4, 2022 was a proud day for our Chapter as Captain Hawk Triebel inducted into North Carolina's Military Hall of Firsts.  Ted's was welcomed into the Hall of Firsts by Governor Roy Cooper and General Walter Gaskins USMC (RET), Secretary of the NC Department of Military and Veteran Affairs. 

Honorees to the NCMHF are those who have brought substantial honor, recognition and esteem to themselves, their families and the State of North Carolina. 

His related citation includes the following: "on his 327th mission when forced to eject over North Vietnam and was taken prisoner on August 27, 1972. After 215 days in captivity, he was released on March 29, 1973." His numerous awards and citations include Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal. He served as Deputy Commandant at our Naval Academy. 

Ted is center, top row in photo.

Memorial Day Golf Outing

Sunny (hot) on a lovely late May day. Fourteen members of the Chapter participated in celebration of Memorial Day. Spirits and scores were high. A fun time had by all. 

14th Annual George Herbert 45 Leadership Award

2022 recipient is Ensign Sophia Sherman USN. Award presented in honor of George Herbert, class of 1945 and the first President of the Research Triangle Foundation, the first company to occupy the Research Triangle Park. Award presented by Gordon Herbert. 

Golf Squad's 2022 Season Underway

From Golf Squad OIC Warren Schultz 71

The outing went off mostly as planned.  I think everyone had a good time. My thanks to the Chapter for support on the prizes.  In addition, we got a dozen balls from Eric Benson and some of the door prizes from the Legion outing we all went to.  They were well received. The weather was sunny and not too chilly.  The course was in really good shape.  They do a very professional job at Devil’s Ridge. Everyone (16) who signed up showed up. Player distribution: USNA – 12 [Jack Moody (’70), Marty Carpenter (’70), Eric Benson (’71) and wife Sally Benson, Dave Ruff (’82), Bonny Podiak (’89), Tom Clemons (’93), Kevin Hamilton (’94), Conrad Chen (’15) and friend Joey White, Shaun’s husband Chris Bishop, and me.]; USMA – 1 [Bob Preston (’72)]; USAFA – 2 [Dan Williams, Dave Rusk (’74)]' Merchant Marine Academy – 1 [Bob Hetz (’82) – Lauren Wilson’s Dad]

Navy's Women's Golf Team Visits The RTP

On a brisk Sunday in March it was our pleasure and a treat to meet and to see in action eight outstanding midshipmen and their coaching staff. Old Chatham is a challenging course, the site of the 2019 Mens and Womens Senior Amateur Championships. Our Mids handled it all pretty well in consideration of the wind chill factor and the damp fairways due to recent rains. Kudos to the Old Chatham Country Club for its warm reception of the proud Naval Academy team.  Joining the mids were Chapter members Captain Andy Hertel USN, LCdr Taylor Shipley USN, Chris Perrien 74 and Jeremy Mario (Gretchen 20).

February 22 Virtual Luncheon

For our February virtual luncheon, Chapter President Steve Gillespie 87 briefed participants on the recently conducted Alumni Survey as well as other topics of interest and activity in the Yard such as continued adherence to Honor Code; Tamanend as the restored name of the Tecumseh statue; academic policy re teaching of social issues, past and present; Brigade attrition statistics; and Naming Commission assessing buildings in the Yard. Grads joining included: Dave 80 and Jenifer Clement 81, Tom Clemons 82, Steve Gillespie 87, Mike Kapsch 76, Phil Dana 98, Jim Kinney 60, Lew Girard 60, Tommy Martinez 78, Mike McQuire 81, Chris Mendez 96, Reece Morgan 88, Chris Perrien 74, Warren Schultz 71, Ken Smith 66, Perry Taylor 71.

Modernizing our Navy's IT and Communications networks (IDIQ), Jan. 22 Luncheon

Captain Reece Morgan 89 USN (RET) discussed the  three operations in progress modernizing our Navy's networks. As a senior project executive with Verizon, he overviewed what is happening under the new enterprise networks contract, IDIQ. Grads in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, Shawn McAndrew 93, Girad Lew 60, Steve Moran, Perry Taylor 71, Chris Perrien 74, Dave Ruden 87, Bill Sena 95, George Lipscomb 87, Tom Clemons 82, Emory Miller 09, Bonny Podiak 89, LD Newby 78 and Steve Moran 81.

All's Well That Ends Well: 17-14 in the 122nd Army-Navy Game

Need more be said?! 74+ grads gathered for our 1st Navy-only (due to CV19 precautions) family viewing party in Raleigh with buffet, bounce-house for the kids, raffle with prizes and Spooning for all (a Navy tradition for permitting junior to refer to senior in an informal or personal way, i.e. John-Paul vs Captain Jones). Grads in attendence included: George & Karyn Lipscomb 87, Dave & Pam Ruden 87, Kirk Williams 88, Reece Morgan 88, Shaun 93 & Chris McAndrew, Bill Coleman 95, Natash Robinson Sistrunk 02, Matt Baker 06, Matt Gieszl 08, Matt Minor 09, Kim Hanson 09, Lauren & Pat Wilson 09, Gray Tompson 09, Jason Mazzoni 10, Alex Dworjan 10, Andrew Faulkner 10, Lizandra Casrto 13, Christopher Ferguson 15, Irene Wadley 23(P), Christopher Ferguson 15, Steve Gillespie 87, Sankey Blanton 71, Warren 71 & Elise Schultz, Gary Stasco 71, Dr. Bob Adams 73, LD Newby 78, Stan Bashaw 81, Mike McGuire 81, Jenifer 82 & Dave 81 Clement, Tom Clemons 82, James Walter 87 and Steve Gillespie 87.

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