Marine Corps Birthday & Veterans Day Celebration

Fifteen mustered at the Robert Trent Jones designed Duke University Golf Course on a brisk fall afternoon to celebrate our Marine Corps and Veteran communities. Grads in attendance included: Sally & Eric Benson 71, Chris Perrien 74, Dan Marusa 74, Bill Laughlin 81, John Walls 86, George Lipscomb 87, Matt Minor 97, Mik Visgauss 08, Conrad Chen 15, Warren Schultz 71. Guests included Commander Taylor Shipley SC USN and Bob Preston USMA 72. Kudos to Warren Schultz 71 for managing a season of fun golf at a variety of challenging courses across the Research Triangle Park. 

All Academy Golf Challenge

On October 22, twenty-eight participated in the resumption of our annual All-Academy golf challenge at the Pine Hollow Golf Club in Clayton, North Carolina. Warren Schultz 71 organized the participants into 7 flights with teams representing Navy, Army and Air Force. Tom Clemons 82 led the winning team (-11 Best Ball scoring) which received a USNA-crested beer schooner (nice Navy touch). Other grads in attendance included: Jack Moody 70, Bill Laughlin 81, John Walls 86, Andy Laughlin 11, Steve Gillespie 87, Lou Gregus 87, Kevin Hamilton 88, Lauren Wilson 09, Matt Minor 07.

Annual Family Picnic 9.10.2021

Outstanding time for the Annual Family Picnic at the Durham Bulls Ball Park. Perfect weather, good seats, strong attendance, Bulls scored early and often, fireworks show to make any Gunner’s Mate proud. 91 grads, family and friends in attendance including: Dr. Alisha Malloy 90, Matt Baker 06, Grant Smith 06, Dave 80 & Jenifer Clement 81, Bill Coleman 95, Matt Cox 08, Alex Dworjan 10, Jason Maszonni 10, Tarey Gettys 97, Steve Gillespie 87, George Lipscomb 87, Mike Kapsch 76, Gareth Hughes, Andrew Faulkner 10, Larry Kistler 92, Gerard Lew 60, Mike McGuire 81, Matt Minor 07, Chris Perrien 74, Warren Schultz 71, Sankey Blanton 71, Bill Sena 95, Mik Visgauss 08, John Walls 86, Noah White 04, Pat 09 & Lauren 09 Wilson, Nick Woodcock.

Golf Squad at Devil's Ridge

Another fun evolution amidst the restrictions of CV-19. Thirteen grads and friends joined at the challenging Devil's Ridge course in Apex, NC including Chris Perrien 74, Bill Laughlin 81, Thomas Vaidhyan, Conrad Chen 15, Chris Bishop, Vamshidhar Golie, John Walls 86, Marty Carpenter 70, Warren Schultz 71, Eric Benson 71, Jack Moody 70 and Al Hails 70. BZ to Warren for another well-organized event and to Jack for hosting. 

Golf Squad at Lochmere Golf Club

Eleven chapter members and guests enjoyed a lovely July day at the Lochmere Golf Club in Cary, NC. Scores included an eagle by LCdr. Taylor Shipley, a pocketful of birdies and pars and likely some totals above par. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. Grads included: Steve Gillespie 87, Chris Perrien 74, Warren Schultz 71, Bill Lauglin 81, Shaun McAndrew 93, John Walls 86. 

Welcome Class 2025 Picnic

55 guests  gathered for the Chapter's 4th annual Plebe Picnic. Attendees represented the year-groups of 1960 through 2025 including grads, Mids (2022, 2023, 2024, 2025), family and friends. The event enjoyed an outstanding location at the Holloway Farm (Class 2022 parents), fine late June weather, music and a proper fantail-like BBQ.  Grads in attendance included: Pat Wilson 09, Lauren Wilson 09, Steve Gillespie 87, Grey Tompson 07, Girard Lew 60, Shaun McAndrew 93, Chris Perrien 74, Alex Dworjen 10, Jason Mazzoni 10, J.D. Cunnnigham 84, Tom Clemons 82, Dave Clement 80, Jenifer Clement 81, Mike McQuire 81, Reece Morgan 89. Midshipmen present and accounted for: Will Groce 22, Seth Holloway 22, Tyler Profio 23,  Beka West 24, Mara Hirtle 24, Ben Grieb 25.

Piedmont NROTC Consortium 2021 Leadership Awards

In order to better affiliate our RTP Navy, our Chapter initiated in 2009 the George Herbert Leadership Award for presentation to a commissioning NROTC midshipman exhibiting the highest of standards in academic, athletic and military achievement and aptitude. The recipient selected by the Piedmont Consortium staff.  Over the past 13 years, additional awards sponsored so that each of the three universities comprising the Consortium (Duke, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University) present a dedicated award. Thirty-one awards presented since 2009.

The 2021 recipients are:

Duke University, Admiral Frank Bowman Leadership Award- Ensign Chris Lyon USN

North Carolina State University, Ensign Worth Bagley 95 Leadership Award - Ensign Ryan Burke USN

University of North Carolina, George Herbert 45 Leadership Award - Ensign Catherine Rena Strong USN

Memorial Day Golf

Our golf squad teed-off its season at the challenging Duke University course where the Regional US Open Qualifying Round was held in late April. A good time had by all on a lovely holiday afternoon followed by dinner on the patio of the Washington Duke Inn.  Grads in attendance: Warren Schultz 71, John Walls 86, George Lipscomb 87 and Chris Perrien 74. All committed to improving their putting in time for the July event. 

May Luncheon, Dan Goodwin 92

  Our 7 May virtual luncheon welcomed Dan Goodwin 92 who discussed the vital nature of a reliable supply chain in contending with future warfare scenarios, especially those closer to the potential adversary than to our own shores. Grads in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, Girard Lew 60, Paul Stiller 58, Bill Sena 95, Gray Tompson 07, Jeff Edgar 81, Mike Kapsch 76, Patrick Loftus 15, Perry Taylor 71, Shaun McAndrew 93, Stephen Thorn 12, Tom Clemons 82, Tommy Martinez 78, Warren Schultz 71, Dan Goodwin 92.

   We conducted our Annual Meeting for the election of Officers:

President: Steve Gillespie 87; Vice President: Lauren Wilson 09; Secretary: Chris Perrien 74; Treasurer: Mike Kapsch 76; Director: George Lipscomb 87; Director: Bill Sena 95; Director: Gray Tompson 07

30th Anniversary Desert Storm Discussion

Our April virtual luncheon welcomed Captain Frank W. Stewart is a retired Navy Captain whose naval career spanned over twenty-seven years and was spent primarily in the submarine service. He served as Commanding Officer of USS Barb (SSN-596), USS Louisville (SSN-724) during Operation Desert Storm, firing the first warshot from a US submarine since the close of WWII, and closed out his career as Commanding Officer of USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730)(Gold). Grads in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, Chris Perrien 74, Jeff Edgar 81, Jim Kinney 60, Sankey Blanton 71, Perry Taylor 71, Kim Tageson 78, Nick Baileys 12, Dave Ruden 87.

March Virtual Luncheon #6

Our Chapter enjoyed its 6th virtual luncheon in March with Colonel Christian Cabaniss, USMC (Ret), USNA ’90 who briefed 25 members of the Chapter on the prevailing USMC’s plans for Force Design 2030.

Grads in attendance included Steve Gilliespie 87, Chris Perrien 74, George Lipscomb 87, Norm Elliott 58, Paul Stiller 58, Alan Lutz 11, Warren Schultz 71, John Wall 86, Mike Kapsch 76, Joe Matza 85, Pat Cheaure 62, Bill Flannery 83, Tommy Martinez 78, Girard Lew 60, Jenifer Clement 81, Dave Clement 81, Shaun McAndrew 93, Perry Taylor 71, Chris Cabaniss 90, Gary Sokoloski BGO, Mik Visgauss 08.

USNA from a Battalion Officer's Perspective

Our February luncheon welcomed Captain McAndrew as she relocated to the RTP with her family after her retirement as the CO of the NROTC units in Idaho and Eastern Washington. An aviator for service selection, she served as Batt Officer in the halls of Mother B for 3 years, 2014-17.

Change is constant at our Academy, Shaun shared her related experiences and entertained questions from an on-line audience of 26 grads representing classes from 1950s to 2010s.

Grads included: Steve Gillespie 87, Lauren Wilson 09, George Lipscomb 87, Jacob Fox 13, Doug Suriano 84, Jim Kinney 60, Jeff Edgar 81, Tom Clemons 82, Sankey Blanton 71, John Walls 86, Dave Clement 80, Jennifer Clement 81, Warren Schultz 71, Bill Flannery 83, Kim Tageson 78, Mike Kapsch 76, Paul Stiller 58, Brad Osmun 09, Bill Marsh 73, Norm Elliott 58, Chris Perrien 74, Perry Taylor 71, Girard Lew 60, Bob Adams 73.

USNA Alumni Association Status Report

In our 4th luncheon of the Virtual / Zoom series, George Lipscomb 87, our representative on the USNA AA Board of Trustees, briefed us on current initiatives such as the new cyber center and alumni hall at USNA; the Chapel Dome copper program, USNAAA in COVID, Diversity and Inclusion survey, Foundation vs. Association differences. Grads in attendance included: Dave 80 and Jenifer Clement 81; Chris Perrien 74; Steve Gillespie 87; Paul Stiller 58; Norm Elliott 58; Tom Clemons 93; Girard Lew 60;  George Lipscomb 87.

121st Army-Navy Game

The game was good for about 3 quarters and a couple of minutes, then the fog set-in. Our chapter took full advantage of the Tailgate In A Box gedunk kindly supplied by USNA Annapolis. Six viewing parties hosted across the Triangle including our chapter's Zoom spontaneous pep-rally: Tommy McNamara 11, Mik Visgauss 08, Lt. David Heider 11 & Lt. Paris Scott 12, Alisha Malloy 90, Tal & Shari Holloway 22 (photo attached).

Major General Brett Williams USAF (ret.)

A Duke University graduate, Maj Gen (Retired) Williams commissioned into the Air Force in 1981, completed pilot training and was assigned to fly F-15C fighter.  He deployed several times to Southwest Asia and completed over 100 combat missions in Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and others. In his retirement he advises enterprise-size corporation of IT and related  Cybersecurity Issues. Additional information: Grads in attendance included Noah White 04, Steve Gillespie 87, George Lipscomb 87, Will Pearce 78, Tom Clemons 81, Perry Taylor 71, Bill Sena 95, Kevin Alt 81, Jeff Edgar 81, Dave 80 & Jen 81 Clement, Warren Schultz 71, Larry Kisler 92, Chris Perrien 74.