2nd Monthly Virtual Chapter Luncheon 911

Dr. Bob Adams 73 Author

22 members of our Chapter convened to commemorate this 19th anniversary of 911 and to speak with Dr. Bob Adams MD of the class of 1973. Bob discussed his latest book, Swords and Saints a Doctors Journey.


A fortunate coincidence is that we were able to celebrate the 100th birthday of Commander Alvin Huff 43 USN (ret). Cdr. Huff flew F4U Corsairs in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters having entered the Academy from the mountains of Kentucky in his own words. Double luck is that we learned that Dr. Adams’s father, Pappy Adams, graduated with Cdr. Huff. 


Members in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, JD Cunningham 84, Sankey Blanton 71, Jeff Truitt 93, Bruce Cavey 74, JJ Cuff 75, Chris Mendez 96, Warren Schultz 71, Paul Stiller 58, Bob Adams 73, Bill Sena 95, Jenifer Clement 81, Kevin Alt 81, Jake Fox 13, Kim Tageson 78, Tom Clemons 93, Shaun McAndrew 93, Bill Marsh 73, Will Pearce 78, Edward Futch 66. This luncheon included 8 decades of graduates.

Our 1st Virtual Chapter Luncheon, August 20

Joe Wheelan, Author Bloody Okinawa

Joe lives in Cary, NC and graciously agreed to speak with our chapter re his 7th and latest book, Bloody Okinawa, which has been favorably reviewed. Most of us are familiar that the Army and Marines endured in this horrific campaign prevailing over a much-determined enemy. As well, Joe described how our Navy suffered its worst casualties of the war mainly due to the relentless kamikaze attacks. Grads in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, Matt Baker 06, Paul Stiller 58, Jim Kinney 60, Chris Perrien 74, Jeff Truitt 93, Noah White 04, Gerard Lew 60, Chuck Adams 63, Perry Taylor 71,  Jay Calvert 96, Helmuts Feifs 66, Bill Sena 95, George Lipscomb87 and Gray Tompson 07.

12th Annual George Herbert Leadership Award

Ensign Romeo Antolini USN

Our Chapter supports the presentation of the annual leadership awards at the 3 universities comprising the Piedmont NROTC Consortium which are led by Lieutenants David Heider 11, Chris Moreno 12, Paris Scott 12, and Morgan Whitmore 12 under the command of Captain Andy Hertel USN, chapter member, and the first Executive Officer of our USS North Carolina, SSN 777. The 2020 recipients are: Admiral Skip Bowman Award at Duke University, Ensign Kathryn Ridgway USN; Ensign Worth Bagley 1894 Award at North Carolina State University, Ensign Victor Olson IV USN; George Herbert 45 Award at the University of North Carolina, Ensign Romeo Antolini USN.

6th Annual Admiral Skip Bowman Leadership Award

Duke University

Ensign Kathryn Ridgway USN

5th Annual Ensign Worth Bagley 1894 Leadership Award

North Carolina State University

Ensign Victor Olson IV USN

Eric Shangle 97 March Luncheon

Career Management

Eric relocated to the RTP from the Bay Area. He spoke of 'intention' and 'passion' in the process of career transition. We are not being 'detailed' so it is incumbent upon the job candidate to research and to prepare properly for interviews. Transition is a process of networking. Evaluate the culture of the potential employer. Grads in attendance: Kevin Alt 81, Phil Skopek 81, Jeremiah McCloud 08, Nick Baileys 12, Eric Shangle 97, Chris Perrien 74, Paul Stiller 58, Perry Taylor 71, Sankey Blanton 71, John Walls 86, Tyler Whitmore 11, Lt. Megan Whitmore 12, Luke Wolf 08, Mik Visgauss o8, Helmuts Feifs 66, Ken Smith 66, Gray Tompson 09. 

10th Annual Dark Ages Dinner, Feb. 2020

CO & XO of USS North Carolina and DAR as Special Guests

Halfway from the Christmas holidays and halfway to Spring Break. 40 chapter members and guests convened at the City Club in Raleigh for cocktails, dinner and friendly discussion.  At the request of Commander Michael Fischer USN, CO of the USS North Carolina, an ensign flown over the our SSN 777 presented to Dr. Jane Hogan of North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution by the first Captain and Executive Officers of the 777, Captain Mark Davis USN (ret) and Captain Andy Hertel USN. Dr. Hogan led a DAR effort that supplied 165 Half-Way Boxes for the entire crew of the 777 and 200 books for the children of the families of the crew.

Captain Davis shared a few fun sea-stories of the early days of putting the 777 into commission. Guests included: Captain Andy & Tanya Hertel USN, Captain Mark & Bea Davis, Captain Steve 87 & Becca Gillespie, Bill 95 & Anne Sena, John 86 & Fay Walls, Matt Baker 06 & Ashton Smith, Pat 09 & Lauren 09 Wilson, Dr. Jane & Chris Hogan, Captain Reece 89 & Heather Morgan, Captain Bonny 89 & Dick Podiak, Captain Carrie Hasbrouck, Catherine Truitt, Pete 87 & Bliss Turner, Warren 71 & Elise Schultz, Tarey 97 & Kim Gettys, Dr. Bob 73 & Jeri Adams, Sankey 71 Blanton, Dr. Emile Patton de Luca, JD 84 & Lisa Cunningham, Gerard 60 & Annette Lew, Christopher 74 & Tessa Perrien. 

Welcome 2020 Luncheon

Captain Mike Patterson USN (ret)

​Mike just retired having served 30 years after his graduation from NC State. His roles included aviator (helos), CO of the USS San Antonio, LPD-17, and most recently as Chief of Staff for Navy Operational Test and Evaluation Force in Norfolk. Grads in attendance included: Steve Gillespie 87, Bill Marsh 73, Mike Kapsch 76, Girard Lew 60, Jake Fox 13, George Lipscomb 87, Ward Sax 84, John Walls 86, Chuck Adams 63, Jim Kinney 60, JD Cunningham 84, Norm Elliott 58, Eric Shangle 97, Chris Perrien 74, Luke Wolf 08, Dan Goodwin 92, Sankey Blanton 71.

Wreaths Across America Ceremony

Veterans Cemetery Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Captain Ted Triebel USN (ret) 64, LCdr Sankey Blanton USN (ret) 71, Captain Jim Kinney USN (ret) 60 represented our Navy at this compelling occasion on the same day as the annual Army-Navy game. It may be important to recall why we compete and for whom we compete. 

Winning Streak Resumes, 24-7

OutStanding Camraderie at Top of The Hill

300+ at the Top of the Hill in Chapel for the 26th consecutive Army-Navy Party. Although outnumbered by the Army fans (TOPO owner is USMA 88), quality prevailed as the Fates intend. A good time had by all. Grads in attendance included (in photo) Emory Miller 07, Paris Scott 12, Wes May 58, Chris Perrien 74, Joe Matza 84, Ken Smith 66, Luke Wolf 08, Matt Baker 06, Steve Gillespie 87, Al & Patricia Cheaure 61, Sankey Blanton 71, Stan Bashaw 81, Warren Schultz 71.

Three Years In A Row

Distinguished Chapter Award

Thanks to the growth of our membership, nearing 170, and the support of programs by members, we received our 3rd consecutive DCA. It's an honor to be so acknowledged especially given our distance from traditional Navy installations and large Navy communities.

USMC 225 Birthday Celebration

Top Of The Hill

Just what General Lejeune had in mind when he directed that all Marines, wherever they may be, celebrate the founding of our beloved Corps. This was the first dedicated celebration by our Chapter with solid prospects for many more to come. Joining the cake cutting and the customary toasts were James Davin 11, Helmuts Feifs 66, John Walls 86, Keith Nadolski 71, Sankey Blanton 71, Jake 13 & Rebecca Fox, Tommy 11 and Megan McNamara, Steve Gillespie 87, Chris Perrien 74, Scott Cooper 93, Tommy Martinez 78, Liz Hallinan 80, Don Cheaure 61 as well as friends, parents, babies (future Marines) and significant others. A good time was had by all.

Veterans Life Center of NC

General Tom Gorry USMC (Ret)

Our October luncheon welcomed Marine Corps Brigadier General Thomas Gorry has been named Executive Director of the VLC, effective May 1, 2019. The Veterans Life Center, currently under construction in Butner, NC, is a residential facility designed to house 100 at-risk 21st Century veterans and provide therapeutic, counseling and educational services to help them reintegrate into civilian life. Related info: 

General Gorry served 32 years as a Marine officer, including a deployment in Afghanistan, and assignments in Germany and Japan. He also was commanding General of all Marine Corps installations on the East Coast, headquartered at Camp Lejeune, NC, and served as President of the Marine Corps University from 2016 to 2017.

Battle of The Boot

Tri-Academy Golf Challenge

September concluded with the annual Battle for the Boot, a fiercely contested day of golf amongst Army, Navy and Air Force grads. 80 participated with Army earning the prize. Our Navy team was represented by: Paul Passaro 22 (Parent), Jeremy Mario 20 (Parent), Lou Gregus 87, Matt Gieszl 08, Pat Cheaure 61, Gray Tompson 07, Captain Andy Hertel (CO of the Piedmont NROTC Consortium), Luke Wolf 08, Steve Gillespie 87, Matt Baker 06, Brandon Davis 03, Mik Visgauss 08, Stephen Diss 03, Jim Kinney 60, Chris Perrien 74, Bill Flannery 83, Kevin Hamilton 94, Tal Holloway 23 (Parent), Bill Sena (95), Jack Moody 70, Paris Scott 12, Bob Hetz 09 (Parent), Guy Guidry 11 (Parent).

State of the Academy

Captain Steve Gillespie USN (ret) & BGO

Steve was officially welcomed aboard as Chapter President with the Changing of the B-Robe Ceremony :)

In his comments, attendees were happy to learn that our Academy continues to attract its fair share of the nation's accomplished and promising students. A military or naval career is not the obvious option that it perhaps once was so that the committed support of graduates is essential for the continued vitality of our Navy. One surprise of today's Academy is that b-robes are no longer issued. Thank goodness that Melville Hall still stands.

8th Annual Family Picnic

Bull Durham Ball Park

Continuing the tradition of fun shaded from the sun with spectacular firworks to conclude the evening. Friends and family in attendance ranging from classes of 1970 to 2022 included: Ted Sherburne 96, Leon Jablow 91, Tarey Gettys 97, George Lipscomb 87, Steve Gillespie 87, Sankey Blanton 71, Warren Schultz 71, Liz Halinan 80, Shari Holloway 22, Bill Sena 95, Roger Ouimet 93, Alex Dworjan 10, Paul Passaro 22, Jacob Fox 13, Lisa Weber 78, Perry Taylor 71, James Cuff 75.

Welcome Class of 2023 Picnic

Beautiful day, lovely location

The tradition continues and the caliber of midshipmen continues to amaze. Great event at the Holloway Family Farm (Seth 22) with bbq, music, USAA gedunk, classes from 1960 to 2023, family and friends - a total of 65.

In attendance:  Annette & Girard 60 Lew ; Steve 87 & Becca Gilespie;  Nick 12 & Kristen Baileys;  Alex Dworjan 10 & Charlotte; Suzanne, Ruben, Rebecca and Noah 04 White; Luke Wolf 08 family; Lt. Chris Moreno 12 USN; William Marsh 73, Link in The Chain rep.; Tessa & Chris 74 Perrien; John Walls 86; Lt. Paris Scott 12 USN; Seth 01, Amy, Reed and Luke Stallings; Paul, Kristi and Peter 21 Passaro; Matt Minor 07 family; Mik 08 & Julie Visgauss; Chuck Adams 63; Brad Osmun 08 family; Jenifer 81 & Dave 80 Clement; Mike & Jane Roberts, BGO Director; Guy & Betty Ann Guidry (Steve 11).

Congratulations to the families: Ettrich, Guest, Profio, Rooney and Podiak.

Ensign Worth Bagley Leadership Award, 4th Annual

North Carolina State NROTC

Presented to Ensign Jesse Blankenship USN. Our Alumni Chapter initiated three leadership awards for the units comprising the Piedmont NROTC Consortium (NCSU, UNC and Duke).

Admiral Skip Bowman Leadership Award, 5th Annual


Presented to the graduating senior who most exemplifies the highest degree of scholastic achievement, military bearing, leadership and personal demeanor.  This year’s recipient is ENS Ryan Dutot.”

George Herbert Leadership Award, 11th Annual


Recipient is Midshipmann 1/c Caleb Gill. Service selection EOD. 

Bill Leslie

WRAL News Journalist

​Bill Leslie is a journalist who formerly anchored the morning and noon newscasts for WRAL-TV in Raleigh. He is also known as a new age record artist performing traditional and fusion Celtic music. He graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1972. Bill's 37 year career in radio and television career includes roles with stations in Norfolk and Houston as well as Raleigh. His variety of roles within the industry has included News Director, weekend anchor, environmental reporter, and newscast co-anchor. Bill retired from WRAL-TV on June 29, 2018. The Governor of North Carolina presented his with the Order of the Long Leaf Pine for "extraordinary service to the state" during Leslie's final week on WRAL.

Annual Meeting

Election of Officers and Directors

President - Steve Gillespie 87

Vice President - Lauren Wilson 09

Secretary - Chris Perrien 74

Treasurer - Mike Kapsch 76

Director - George Lipscomb 87

Director - Bill Sena 95

Director - Gray Tompson 07 (Past President)

Special thanks to Jeff Edgar 81 who served on Board for 6 years as President, 2016-17, and as Director.

The Cloud Buster 9

Anne Keane, Author

​In 1943, the New York Yankees won the World Series but one of the nation's strongest baseball teams practiced on a skinned-out college field in the heart of North Carolina. Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, and Johnny Sain were among a cadre of fighter-pilot cadets who wore the Cloudbuster Nine baseball jersey at an elite Navy training school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Additional info:

Grads attending included: Chuck Adams 63, Ken Smith 66, Matt Minor 07, Sankey Blanton 71, Steve Gillespie 87, Helmuts Fiefs 66, Jeff Edgar 81, Paul Stiller 58, Gray Tompson 07, Luke Wolfe 08, Paul Espinosa 87, Sandi White 81, Lisa Weber 78, Tim Dumbauld 79, Dennis Haines 77, Mike Roth 67.

Mike Bender

Lab for Analytic Sciences at NC State

Mr. Bender has worked at NSA for his entire career. He received a Presidential Rank Award and was awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement.He serves on Advisory Boards for MIT/LL and the National Labs. Being a John Hopkins grad, Mike is a big lacrosse fan as well. Full Bio:

A range of 55 class years represented from 1958 to 2013, Stiller & Elliott to Fox. 

1st Annual Family Mardi Gras Party

Carry Costumes Next Year

Our Chapter grows as our Research Triangle region grows. Then comes the babies and future midshipmen, classes of 2030 and beyond. Launching our annual gathering were the families of: Matt Cox 08; Matt Gieszl 08; Luke Wolf 08; Matt Wimsatt 08; Emory Miller 07; Mik Visgauss 08 - a total of 27 plus dog, 1 each. 

9th Annual Dark Ages Dinner

City Club Raleigh

Classes from 1960 to 2009, 48 total, celebrated with many branches of service represented including JAG and Information Warfare. Fun and friendship shared with our friends of NROTC commissioning: Captain Carrie Hasbrouck USN (ret) from University of Jacksonville; Captain Mark Stern USN, Berkeley; Dick Podiak, Marquette. Governor's Office represented by Jeremy Collins. Grads in attendance included: Matt Baker 06; Ken Clark 87; Tarey Gettys 97; Girad Lew 60; George Lipscomb 87; Reece Morgan 88; Bonny Podiak 88; Dave Ruden 87; Warren Schultz 71; Bill Sena 95; Gray Tompson 07; Jeff Truitt 93; Pete Turner 87; John Walls 86; Lauren and Pat Wilson 09; Matt Minor 07. A good time was had by all.

Captain Hawk Triebel USN (ret)

Shot Down Over Hanoi in 1972

Ted's seen much and done much. Hails from a family of submariners, he flew F-4s, served with John McCain in the Hanoi Hilton and led the Duke NROTC Program. Recent UNC TV interview:

Ted's themes were: appreciate the day, especially when your parachute deploys; resist pre-judging as pig brains might truly be good for you; even one M&M can engender a laugh which is ultimately the best medicine; forgiveness is paramount as we never truly understand the other's circumstances. 

Grads in attendance included (a total of 34): Reece Morgan 89, Luke Wolf 08, Steve Gillespie 87, Gray Tompson 07, Perry  Taylor 71, Paul Stiller 58, Lew Joe Matza 85, Jim Slaight 93, Rock Rochleder 95, Chris Perrien 74, Mike Kapsch 76, Tim Wood92,  Mik Visgauss 08, Scott Cooper 93, Ski  Dzieciolowski 81, Bill Flannery 83, Dennis Haines 77, John Walls 86, Bill Marsh 73, Norm Elliott 58, Girard Lew 60, Greg Huber 73, Matt Wimsatt 08.

The Chapter delivered a $500 donation to the Orange County Vietnam Memorial Fun as collected at the December Army-Navy party at Top of The Hill.

Army-Navy Party

3rd in a row for Army

25th celebration of our friendship and mutual respect. Outstanding venue, buffet and a pretty good game on the corner of Franklin and Columbia Streets at the Top of The Hill. 300+ packed the house as usual. Grads in attendance included: Pat & Lauren Wilson 09 (Maddie Wilson 2038); Chris Perrien 74; Dave Ruden 87; Ted Triebel 64; Steve Gillespie 87; Helmuts Feifs 66; Paul Stiller 58; Kelly Jones 09; Dave 80 & Jenifer 81 Clement; Luke Wolf 08; Duncan Heinz 78; Ken Smith 66; Chuck Adams 64; Wayne Dubois 66;  Ski Dzieciolowski 81; John Bever 10; Tommy McNamara 11; Nick 12 & Christina Baileys.

November Luncheon


We ended our fall schedule with an interesting discussion with Captain Carrie Hasbrouck USN (ret). Carrie commissioned via the NROTC at Jacksonville University. Her 30 year Information Warfare career encompassed tours at sea, Plans and Policy at the Pentagon, Computers and Telecom stations and concluded with the keen responsibilities as CIO of the SEALs. 

Luncheon attendance exceeded 40 with grads ranging from the 1950s to OOs and included daughters, wives and neighbors of Chapter members. Per usual, the predominant service present were our submariners. 

October Luncheon

Captain Marc Stern USN Piedmont NROTC Consortium

​Captain Marc Stern, a native of Sunnyvale, California, attended UC Berkeley and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations in 1989. He completed a Master's in Business Administration from Brenau University in 2001.


Submarine assignments included USS GURNARD, USS GATO, USS PUFFER, USS SUNFISH, USS WYOMING, USS HAMPTON, and Command of USS TOPEKA.  While assigned, those ships deployed to the Mediterranean, the Arabian Gulf, and the Western Pacific. Under his command, TOPEKA earned three consecutive Battle 'E' awards and a Meritorious Unit Commendation.

F-18 Rhino Recovery Program

LCDR. Josh Milner

Lieutenant Commander Josh Millner is a native of Overland Park, KS. He currently serves at Defense Logistics Agency Aviation as the Navy’s F/A-18 E/F weapon system program officer providing integrated logistics solutions in support of Naval Aviation Enterprise “Rhino Readiness Recovery” supply-chain initiatives. Lcdr. Milner is the son in law of Chapter member Mike Kapsch 76. Joining us will be Secretary Larry Hall who leads the NC Department of Military and Veteran Affairs. 

Admiral Steve Horton 73

McCain & Fitzgerald Incident

Steve is a 1973 graduate of the U.S. Navy Academy. He served 28 years in the U.S. Navy and the Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps retiring in 2001 as a Rear Admiral. He joined The Boeing Company in 2001 and retired in 2012 as a Vice President in the Boeing Law Department. As a JAGC Officer, Steve served in Bahrain during Desert Shield (1990), was the principal legal advisor and drafter of the DoD USS COLE Commission (2000).

Annual Family Picnic

Durham Bulls Ball Park

Summer fun in the first base pavilion where we enjoyed BBQ, a keg and a chance to run the bases. 

Welcome to the Class of 22 Picnic

USNA 1960 - 2022

"But still when two or three shall meet, and old tales be retold..." A beautiful Saturday morning in Pullen Park in Raleigh. Aviators, Marines, Destroyer Sailors and Submariners joined with the families and Plebes of the Class of 2022 to celebrate their admissions achievement and to wish them well in the four challenging years that lie ahead. We enjoyed a fun and fitting celebration of our Navy and its Naval Academy.

Triangle Chapter Elected to USNA AA Board of Trustees

Aside from the 9 largest USNA Alumni Chapters, 3 are selected based upon their programs, range of membership and support of the Navy and Naval Academy. We will be on the Board through May 2021 and represented by Christopher Perrien, Class of 1974.

Chapter Sponsored Leadership Awards


4th Annual Admiral Bowman Leadership Award

Chapter Sponsored Leadership Awards

University of North Carolina NROTC

1oth Annual George Herbert Leadership Award

Chapter Sponsored Leadership Awards

North Carolina State University

3rd Annual Worth Bagley Leadership Award

US Coast Guard SitRep

Cdr. Bob Griffin USCGR

​CDR Bob Griffin joined the Coast Guard through Officer Candidate School in 2001 and has served in a range of operational and administrative positions on both Active Duty and as a Reservist. His sea duty has included cruises on the USCGC EAGLE and drug interdiction operations on USCGC ALERT off of Central America.  CDR Griffin has a BA of Theater Arts, Technical Design from Santa Clara University and a MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. Civilian employment as Chief, Operations Officer for Avwatch, Inc and Lead, Configuration and Data Link Consultant for  He is married to the former Casey Redmerski of Greensburg, PA and they have

Quarterly Pro Dev Networking Hour

Cary Ale House

SEAL, MD, Delta Force, Author - March Luncehon

Dr. Bob Adams 73

Bob graduated in the class of 1973 then served aboard the USS Hamner, DD-718, at Treasure Island in the Bay Area. He spent 14 years as a SEAL followed by Wake Forest Medical School and then 18 years in the Army's Medical Corps. He discussed his new book Six Days of Impossible Navy SEAL Hell Week - a Doctor Looks Back. 

The General Davie Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented Vietnam War Commemoration Pins to 18 members of the Chapter who served between 1955 and 1975.                            


The composition of our 52 attendees was noteworthy and reflected the growth and broad-base of our Chapter. Included in the audience were: grads of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s; aviators, submariners, destroyer sailors; our Marines; the present and recent commanding officers of the Piedmont NROTC Consortium (Duke, UNC, NC State and Central); 5 members of the Special Warfare Community; Parents Club; spouses, friends & parents of members; the Army, Coast Guard and Air Force; medical and dental doctors; five past presidents of the Chapter; long term, recent and future members of the Chapter; Active, Retired, Reserve; Officer & Enlisted.

We strive to make our Chapter "a small Navy wherein all parts of the great Navy are united."

Dark Ages Dinner

8th Annual at Angus Barn

Fifty-Two grads, spouses, parents and friends of the Chapter celebrated the mid-point between once what was referred to as Christmas and Easter Leaves. After a proper cocktail hour, we joined a three course meal with wine service. Each of the four tables participated in a game of What Are You Famous For. One grad of 73 born at the USNA Hospital; another in 64 knew both Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach. Present were submariners, SEALs, aviators, destroyer sailors, information warfare specialists and a lone Marine. 

Toasts were offered to the nation, the commander in chief, those serving afar from home, the Marines, the Navy and our Naval Academy. The evening concluded with a tour of the famous Angus Barn wine cellar where each guest was gifted a bottle of AB wine.

Jeremy Mario

9 Feb Luncheon

Jeremy Mario (BS’92, MBA’96) served as Managing Partner for Private Equity at Mario Family Partners, a venture capital fund which focuses primarily on early stage investments in healthcare and related technologies. Previously, he worked in clinical research, public health policy, and Internet sports broadcasting. Jeremy and his wife Jennifer have lived in the Triangle area since their graduation from Duke in 1992 and now reside in Durham. They have a daughter in the Class of 2020 and two young sons. As part of the Chapter's professional development series, he addressed an audience of 40 members sharing his views on opportunities for transitioning vets into the RTP's Healthcare and Medical Device industries.

Chapter Happy Hour 1 Feb

B-Side Lounge in Carboro

Our Chapter hosts this quarterly event so that grads who cannot get away easily at the noon hour for the monthly luncheons have a chance to swap sea stories at a more convenient time. We met this quarter at the B-Side Lounge, which is a long way from Steerage in Bancroft Hall. Also invited are grads from USMA AA and USAF AA. 


 Additional info: Gray Tompson, Chapter President:

SEAL Team Six, Dev Gru

5 Jan Luncheon

​Mike Deering discussed his service with Naval Special Warfare Development Group through 2016. Mike studies for his MBA at UNC and while working with in Raleigh, NC. Grads in attendance included Jeff Edgar 81, Matt Baker 06, Bob Adams 73, Chuck Adams 64, Sankey Blanton 71, Jen Clement 81, JD Cunningham 84, Paul Espinosa 87, Steve Gillespie 87, Leon Jablow 91, Jim Kinney 60, Kevin Kitts 88, Tom Leiser 67, Gary Lew 60, Joe Matza 85, Vince Said 77, Mike Kapsch 75 (Chapter Treasurer), Gray Tompson 07 (Chapter President), John Glaeser 84, Ken Smith 66, Paul Stiller 58, Perry Taylor 70, John Walls 86, Dave Proffitt 70 and Chris Perrien 74 (Chapter Secretary).

21st Annual Army-Navy Party

A Good Time Was Had By All

Great fun on a snowy day in Chapel Hill. 350 enjoyed the customary grog ceremony and the delicious TOPO buffet. The eldest present were Paul Stiller and Wes May of the great class of 1958; the youngest present was the newborn of Lauren & Pat Wilson, projected class of 2049. Others grads in the audience:

Joe Matza 85, Gray Tompson 07, Mike Kapsch 76, Chuck Adams 63, Helmuts Fiefs 66, Bruce Cavey 74, Dave 80 & Jenifer 81 Clement, Jim Durand 86, Paul Espinosa 87, Steve Gillespie 87, Kevin Kitts 88, Tom Martinez 78, Bill Gautier 67, Matt Minor 07, LD Newby 78, Chris Perrien 74, Rock Rochleder 95, Bill Sena 95, Bruce Runberg 64, Mik Visgauss 08. 

USS North Carolina, SSN 777, CO & Crew Visit Namesake State

Luncheon at the Executive Mansion

Our October luncheon welcomed Commander Matt Lewis USN, Captain of the proud Tar Heel Boat, SSN 777. Accompanying Cdr. Lewis was the Chief of the Boat, Master Chief Chuck Cardell; Lieutenant Dan Shen; 3MCPO Terry Morphis; Electrician's Mate 2/c Nicholas Jeli.

The Captain and crew members met with Governor Roy Cooper; Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest; Secretary of Military & Veteran Affairs, Larry Hall; Secretary of Cultural & Natural Resources, Suzi Hamilton. Lt. Shen, Chief Morphis and EM2 Jeli conducted STEM Educations sessions with 90 students from Wake County Schools. All NROTC mids at Duke, NC State and UNC discussed life in the submarine service with the CO and crew members. A day was spent in Wilmington aboard The Showboat, BB 55; at lunch with the SubVets Association; and an afternoon open house at Kids Making It whose students produce the teak plaques for departing SSN 777 crew-members. Press coverage included interviews on WPTF Radio and on UNC TV. 

You may  donate to the which is a 501 c (3) non-profit whose sole purpose is to support the crew and to spread the word across the state of a commissioned US Navy submarine named North Carolina. 

Senator John McCain 58

'It's Time to Wake Up.' Read John McCain's Speech to Naval Academy Graduates

Shipmate Magazine

Dec 17 Article

Ahoy from the Research Triangle Park! Our Chapter resumed its monthly luncheons in the RTP with guest speakers Lt. Abby Rorapaugh USN of the NC State NROTC unit in August and in September with Liz Marks 02 who spoke of PTSD therapies in her role as a VA Counselor. 


We’re busy preparing for the late October visit by the Commanding Officer, Cdr. Matt Lewis USN, and crew-members of the USS North Carolina SSN 777 based in Pearl Harbor. The visit itinerary includes lunch with Governor Roy Cooper, meetings with the State’s Secretaries of Veteran & Military Affairs and Cultural & Natural Resources. The 777 will spend a day in Wilmington at the Battleship North Carolina and lunch there with the SubVets Association. Interwoven in their visit will be 3 discussions with students enrolled in Wake County’s STEM Education Accelerator. Rounding out our 2017 calendar will be the annual Army-Navy Party at the Top of The Hill Brewery in Chapel Hill on 9 Dec.

Dept. of Hail and Farewell: John Jones 93, Chapter President, was properly relieved by Gray Tompson 07 as John and family will return to Annapolis for Dr. Monica Jones's (JJ’s wife) new position with Anne Arundel Medical Center. The Chapter now has a satellite facility and a permanent drag-house in Crabtown. Gray assumed command in August as recognized with the transfer of the Chapter B-robe (of 1968 vintage).


8 September Luncheon

Liz Marks 02

​Liz Marks graduated from USNA in 2002, selecting Surface Warfare Officer. Reporting to LHD-4 USS BOXER two months before the invasion of Iraq, she completed three deployments in three years – two in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and one WESTPAC.

Following separation in late 2007, Liz graduated with her Masters of Social Work from UNC Chapel Hill in 2010. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the Durham VA Medical Center, Liz has worked in an Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use Disorders, within the Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom program (for new Veterans, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan), and currently on the PTSD Clinical Team. She offers individual and group therapy with Veterans of all backgrounds, who have experienced combat and/or sexual trauma.


At our luncheon, she discussed the history of PTSD, including each war’s/generation’s perspective and characteristics, and what each generation is coping with now in treatment.

Our Mess comprised 27 members and guests included: Steve Gillespie 87, Paul Espinosa 87, John Jones 93, Grey Tompson 07, Chris Perrien 74, Mike Kapsch 76, Jim Kinney 60, Matt Minor 07, Bruce Runberg 64, Betty Ann Guidry, Mike Flentje 76, John Jones 93, Bill Sena 95.

4 August Luncheon

Lt. Abby Rorapaugh USN

Thirty five members and guests of the Chapter enjoyed our discussion with Lt. Abigail Rorapaugh USN, Staff Surface Warfare Officer at NC State University. A graduate of Ohio State University, Lt. Rorapaugh reported to the Consortium in spring 2017 after her tour aboard the Oscar Austin, DDG-79, with a recent deployment off of the coast of Somalia. 

Captain Bruce Runberg CEC 64 described the Veterans Memorial project of Orange County, NC. More info at Mess Guest, Brooke Dickhart, overviewed www.thejoelfund,org, which is dedicated to rehabilitation of injured veterans via the arts.

Grads in attendance included Grey Tompson 07, John Tan 93, Paul Stiller 58, Perry Taylor 71, Rock Rockleder 95, Vince Said 77, Brad Stevens 96, Leon Jablow 91, Chuck Adams 63, Jim Durand 86, Paul Espinosa 87, Claude Lumpkin 64, Steve Moran 81, Matt Minor 07, LD Newby 78, Kevin Kitts 88, Brandon Davis 03, Captain Steve Gillespie 87, Dr. Bob Adams 73, Dr. Jeff Jeffries 64, Bill Sena 95, Bruce Carey 74, Pete Turner 87 and Christopher Perrien 74.



6th Annual Family Picnic

Durham Bulls Ball Park

85 members of the Chapter braved a squall to enjoy our most popular Chapter event. Infants, prospective midshipmen, classes from the 1960s-2020s, family and friends assembled to enjoy a picnic buffet under cover along the 3rd baseline. The game was fun also as the Bulls prevailed early. A spectacular fireworks display concluded the evening.

Grads in attendance included: Bob & Gina Adams 73; Chris & Tessa Perrien 74; JJ Cuff & family 75; Tim Dumbauld 79; Mike Flentje & family 76; Tarey  & Kim Gettys & family 87; John & Monica Jones & family 93; Jeff & Catherine Truitt & friends & family 93; Kevin Kitts & family 88; Brandon, Kayla & Drew Not 87; Nick & Nina Leshock 04; Pat Lessard & crew 98; Girard & Annette Lew 60; Matt Minor 07; Ward Sax & friends & family 83; Bill & Anne Sena & family 95; Ken Smith 66; Amy Thomas & friends & family; Grey & Vickie Tompson 07 & family

NROTC Piedmont Consortium Change of Command

Captain Steve Gillespie USN 87 Relieved of Command

In photo, left to right: Christopher Perrien 74; Jim Kinney 60; Captain Gillespie 87; Commander Jim Norris 96; Jeff Edgar 81; Bill Sena 95; John Jones 93.  Photo taken on Friday June 9 at North Carolina State University.

Chapter Dinner w/ Admiral Robert Durand 88

Brother of Jim Durand 86

In Photo left to right: Sankey Blanton 71, Tommy Martinez 78, Chris Perrien 74, Jim Durand 86, Robert Durand 88, Chase Durand, Lt. Mike McKenna USN, John Walls 86. Photo taken on June 7th at Sienna Hotel in Chapel Hotel.

USNA AA Triangle Welcome 2021 Picnic

3 June 2017

Our Triangle Chapter greeted on a near perfect spring Saturday 70 including Napsters, Fourth Classmen of 2021, Alumni, Families and Friends to our inaugural Welcome Class of 2021 Picnic. 


The menu was an All American Cook-out including live music by Jared Place. 

All present had the opportunity to meet, mingle, laugh and remind ourselves of the depth of capability of our great nation.

Ensign Worth Bagley Leadership Award 2017

2nd Annual

Award endowed by Chapter member Cdr. Bill Sena 95 USNR (ret). 

Admiral Skip Bowman Leadership Award for Duke NROTC

3rd Presentation

Awarded to Ensign Conner Silveria. Award sponsored by our USNA AA Chapter. Ceremony was also notable for the attendance by the entire Duke lacrosse team to witness the commissioning of their team captain. An inspiring ceremony on a lovely May day.

Officers & Directors Elected for 2016 - 2017

John Jones 93 President

Grey Tompson 07 Vice President

Chris Perrien 74 Secretary

Mike Kapsch 76 Treasurer

Ken Clark 87 Director

Jeff Edgar 81 Director

Lauren Miller 09 Director

Congratulations to all for their unanimous selection. BZ to Matt Cox 08 and Lieutenant Alex Dworjan 10 for their service to the Chapter over the past two years. 

Jeff Smith UNC TV

Ken Burns's The Vietnam War

​ Our May luncheon welcomed Jeff Smith, Military and Veterans Outreach and Production Coordinator at UNC-TV in the Research Triangle Park.

 In support of the fall series, The Vietnam War, a ten part, 18 hour documentary produced by Ken Burns, Jeff hosts a series of Veteran coffees at the UNC-TV campus. Info here: and here:

 In March 2017, Jeff and his film crew interviewed our Chapter's Ted Triebel 64 regarding his own experiences as a downed aviator during that conflict.

 40 members & guests joined the luncheon representing classes from the 1960s to 2008.

9th Annual George Herbert Leadership Award


George Herbert 45 was the first president of RTI International, the first company in the Research Triangle Park.